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Verizon's required FiOS builds leave 150,000 addresses in NJ unserved


Verizon has failed to deploy its FiOS fiber network to about 150,000 buildings in New Jersey, despite a requirement to offer service throughout the state's most densely populated municipalities.

Verizon blames landlords for not letting the company into the buildings, but mayors and a union are trying to pressure Verizon into making greater efforts to gain access. Verizon is accused of targeting affluent areas over poor ones, a claim the company denies.

Verizon told Ars that it's often unable to get into buildings because landlords make requests for compensation or have exclusive agreements with other providers. (Exclusive agreements are illegal, but still a problem.) Some buildings also don't get FiOS because of indecision, delays or unresponsive property owners/managers, or access problems related to the building's architecture, Verizon said.

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