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The Taken King lets you love a game that doesn't love you back

I have the power!

Editor's Note: This set of impressions does not discuss a major part of The Taken King's end-game content, the King's Fall raid, which will release as part of the expansion pack later today.

Each time I discovered something new in Destiny's latest and largest expansion, The Taken King a cutscene I had never seen, a new piece of loot, or some quality-of-life tweak I had missed in the patch notes a single, repeating thought rippled through my synapses: why wasn't it like this before?

That's my question for Bungie, developers of the divisive, loot-driven shooter. Over the last year, Bungies divisive, loot-driven shooter the product of a 10-year plan for a sweeping, sci-fi opus to supersede Halo is a punch line to many. The setup: a galling dearth of content and punishingly poor drop rates on gear. The punchline: a level of grinding gameplay on par with games that offer a whole lot more to do.

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