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The iPad and your kid digital daycare, empowering educator, or something bad?

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It was love at first sight the infatuated gaze, the flirtatious giggles. He just couldn t keep his eyes or hands off her. I can still hear the cry of agony when I, his mom, mercilessly tore her away from his small chubby hands

He is my two-year-old son. She is the iPad. It's a love story familiar to almost every parent who has both a toddler and an iPad (or presumably other tablets) in the house. And as this unnatural bit of natural attraction surfaced, it made me and many other parents wonder: What on earth is the iPad doing to my child?

Dr. Heather Kirkorian, an assistant professor in the Human Development and Family Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is one of the few scientists trying to answer this very question. And for the past few years, she has been studying how touchscreen devices affect early childhood learning.

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