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The elite don't hand out resources like the rest of us

401(K) 2012

Economic inequality in the US has drawn attention to the attitudes and behaviors of the elite, as those who are educated in the top universities are both likely to start out wealthy and disproportionately likely to have an impact on the future of this country. To examine how this elite class would manage societal resources, the authors of a paper published in Science studied a group of Yale Law School students.

The findings indicate that they re more likely to make economic choices based on increasing the overall wealth of the nation rather than on increasing income equality within a nation. Thus, there's a chance we re selecting policymakers who are unlikely to address this issue.

For the study, the researchers recruited a sample of 208 Yale Law School students as well as a diverse but comparatively less elite (in the authors words) sector of the population. The subjects were recruited in spring of 2007, 2010, and 2013 the gaps meant that each experiment would draw from a completely new Yale Law School student population.

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