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Review: It's big, but at $400 the Moto X Pure Edition is a safe bet

Andrew Cunningham

The 2015 Moto X, or "Moto X Pure Edition."

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Starting in late 2013 with the original Moto G, Motorola has been carving out a niche for itself as a company that offers good value for the money. It's competing against companies like ZTE and Huawei and Xiaomi overseas, but especially here in the US it sells some of the best Android phones you can get for under $200. Motorola sells them with relatively clean, sensible loads of Android that are updated predictably, if not always promptly.

This year, the company is taking the same approach with its flagship phone. The new third-generation Moto X (also called the Moto X Pure Edition, or the Moto X Style overseas) ticks all of the important boxes for an Android flagship but starts at $400, a few hundred dollars cheaper than the list prices for flagships from the likes of Samsung and LG. Cheaper than a Galaxy. More readily available than a OnePlus Two. The Moto X Pure Edition could be the best choice out there for people who want a flagship phone at a midrange price.

Look, feel, and screen

Motorola's review program was actually pretty interesting this time around the company gave out promo codes and then let us use Moto Maker to customize our own models. I chose a black front with a navy blue back and a nice bright red accent, which colors both the small cutout in the back of the phone and the speaker grills at the top and bottom.

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