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Reliving my favorite movie battle in Star Wars: Battlefront

I've always wanted to go to Hoth. It turns out that a small room on the floor at Tokyo Game Show is the closest I ll ever get.

I'm here to play Star Wars: Battlefront, EA's multiplayer shooter that borrows all the best battles from the Star Wars movies, and adds in a few new scenarios, such as the battle of Jakku, which will set the scene for December's The Force Awakens. Today, I ll be fighting a video game variation of the start of The Empire Strikes Back that The Verge has played before an attack on Hoth's Rebel base.

The room is decorated like an ice cave from the Star Wars planet, its walls painted with undulating patterns of white and blue. I'm here with 30 other people, drafted in to fight as both Empire and Rebel forces. An...

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