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Pebble goes circular with ultra-thin Time Round smartwatch

(credit: Pebble)

Days after a mysterious timer appeared on smartwatch maker Pebble's website, we now know what the company was counting down. Pebble announced its first circular smartwatch, the Pebble Time Round.

After its edgeless design, the first notable characteristic of the new Pebble smartwatch is how thin it is. It's just 7.5mm thick, making it much more svelte compared to previous Pebble devices and even the Apple Watch (10.5mm). Its round face measures 38.5mm, and in another first, Pebble will sell a women's model, which has a 14mm band. The Pebble time Round will also support standard 20mm watch bands. The watch will be available in black, white, and the infamous rose gold color that many love to hate.

But with its thinness comes some sacrifice according to Fortune, the Time Round will only last about two days on a single charge. Pebble watches are known for their long battery life; the Pebble Time Steel, for instance, is built to last as long as 10 days before needing a charge. Considering the Time Round will sport Pebble's newest interface which breaks down your day into past, present, and future events many who rely on their smartwatch for regular schedule updates may find the shorter battery life a nuisance. Pebble did throw users a bone by adding quick-charging to the Time Round, which is said to provide a day's worth of battery life with just 15 minutes of charging.

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