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New Windows Preview: Cortana without Microsoft account log ins, ORTC in Edge

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There's a new fast ring build of Windows 10. As ever, the new build mixes features and fixes.

The fix I'm most happy to see (and yet, strangely disappointed by) is that the Start menu is less broken than it is in Windows 10. As I noted in my Windows 10 review, Windows 10's Start menu has an unfortunate hard-coded limit; more than about 500 items on the Start menu (any mix of Start menu entries and live tiles) and Windows would stop adding more. This would make it impossible to launch applications through the Start menu; even the search feature wouldn't find them. The new insider build lifts the limit to 2048. This makes it much less likely to be reached in normal use, though it's still not clear to us why there's any artificial limitation at all.

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