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iPad Mini 4 review: A lighter, faster tablet with a better screen

Andrew Cunningham

The iPad Mini 4.

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If you didn t catch the introduction of the iPad Mini 4 at Apple's product event earlier this month, don't feel bad. The company announced the new tablet so quickly and with so little detail (and had so few of them available for press to play with afterward) that you could have sneezed and missed it.

Not that it isn't understandable; the iPad Mini 4 is just one member of Apple's third-highest-grossing product family, and there was a bigger iPad introduction to pay attention to. Even so, the newest version of the Mini makes enough improvements over the underwhelming iPad Mini 3 that it's actually worth a closer look.

Look, feel, and screen

At first glance the iPad Mini 4 looks and feels pretty much like the three that came before it, but it has a few design tweaks that differentiate it from its predecessors. It's ever so slightly taller, thinner, and lighter, just different enough that many cases and covers designed for the first three Minis won't fit this one.

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