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Apple aims to finalize an electric car by 2019, Wall Street Journal says

This is just CarPlay. Its final form could be an electric vehicle.

Sources with knowledge of the matter have told The Wall Street Journal that Apple is moving ahead with efforts to build an Apple-branded electric vehicle, which it intends to deliver to the market by 2019.

After a year of feasibility studies, the group within Apple in charge of the electric vehicle project has been given permission to triple its staff, which currently employs 600 people, the Journal reported.

Rumors about Apple's potential expansion into the automotive industry are several months old, but news of the company's approval for a significant staff increase, as well as hints of a timeline for the development of such a car, make the company's plans seem more solid. Back in February, it was rumored that several hundred people were working on an electric car inside Apple's headquarters (the project was codenamed Titan ). Apple had also recently hired former Ford designer Marc Newson at the time.

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