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6 Excellent iPhone Apps Worth Paying For

1. FlightTrack Pro

Have you ever looked out the window while flying 30,000 feet in the air and wondered where the heck you were? Well, with FlightTrack Pro, an app that works in airplane mode, you are able to pull up a map of your location and see where you are, how fast you are going and how high above ground you really are. On the flip side, if you want to make sure your loved one lands safely, you can track specific flights and get push notifications and information about where they are and when they land. The app also has the capability to notify the flyer of gate changes, flight delays and advance weather forecasts of your destination.

Cost: $9.99

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In a sea of free iPhone apps, a few paid options stand out from the crowd. With everyday conveniences based on where you are and what you're doing, here's a handful that will get you going. Don't worry, sometimes it's OK to splurge just a little.

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