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17 Enterprise Startups To Bet Your Career On


Enterprise tech was once considered dull. But there's nothing dull about a job with stock options that could make you a millionaire. 

And enterprise tech is hot in 2012 in every way.

So if you're thinking of making the jump, where should you go? Here are some of the biggest, most innovative, and fastest growing enterprise startups in a bunch of different categories....

Workday is expected to go public soon and be a superhot stock when it does.


Company: Workday

Location: Pleasanton, CA

What it does:  Workday is to human resources software what Salesforce.com is to customer relationship management software. It offers a suite of apps as a subscription service delivered over the cloud.

Founded: 2005

Funding: A total of $175M, including an $85 million round in October.

Why it's hot: Its success has made the big enterprise HR software makers trip over themselves to compete. SAP paid $3.4 for SuccessFactors, Workday's competitor.  Oracle bought Taleo for $1.9 billion. Workday's revenue hit more than $300 million in 2011 and the company is said to be worth around $2 billion. Co-CEO Aneel Bhusri is also a partner at VC firm Greylock.

Workday is expected to go public maybe even in 2012. It will be one hot stock when that happens.

SugarCRM is making a killing against big players like Oracle.


Company: SugarCRM

Location: Cupertino, CA.

What it does: SugarCRM offers open source customer relationship management software. Its basic product is available for free and it earns revenus by offering a supported, subscription version. It competes against Salesforce and other companies, but believes it has an edge because it ONLY focuses on CRM, while these other companies are expanding into new areas.

Founded: 2004

Funding: $79 million, including a $33 million round in April.

Why it's hot: SugarCRM has been cash flow positive since 2010, and has more than one million end users, making it the third-largest CRM vendor. Billings were up 67% last year, and almost doubled in the fourth quarter.  While SugarCRM doesn't run on its own cloud, its app is uber popular on some of the biggest clouds out there including Amazon, IBM's SmartCloud, Rackspace and so on.

IBM recently announced it was going to ditch Oracle's Siebel software for SugarCRM.


Zuora has mastered a new market born from cloud computing.


Company: Zuora

Location: Redwood City, CA

What it does: It offers subscription billing software. For instance, when a Box customer wants to convert from a free account to a paid account, it uses Zuora to handle that.

Founded: 2007

Funding: $77 million total including a $36 million round in November.

Why it's hot: The tech industry has changed its business model. It used to be that you downloaded something from the Internet (or bought a CD at the store) and paid for it once. Now, most companies charge monthly service fees and the old methods of tracking customers can't handle it. They need Zuora. The company is connected, too. It has a partnership with Workday, PayPal's Scott Thompson sits on its board and one of its angels is Marc Benioff.

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